AgeQuake Theatres - Theatre & Aging: Aging Performers Acting
AgeQuake Theatre's Company...Men and women performing plays
AgeQuake Theatre's Leading Ladies Ensemble...Older women performing their lives, sharing insights, and reliving experiences
The season for both companies starts in September and runs through May.  Both companies tour:  we come to your location to perform.
Performances can be scheduled by contacting the artistic director, joan e. kole, ph.d., at 815-398-8090.  While there is no charge for a performance, AgeQuake Theatres accept donations in order to cover some operating costs.  The companies prefer performing for a minimum audience of 20. 
AgeQuake Theatre's Special Occasion Shows:   A script written just for that special occasion or person and then performed.  Scripts are based on information provided by the host(s) or organization.  Think about bridal and baby showers, anniversaries, or those special milestone birthday celebrations.  

Aging IS Refreshing! was the title of our 2011-12 season show.  The cast of 3 men and 5 women shared their perceptions of aging and its experiences in their own words.  They know what aging is like because they are living it!  

Headlines is the 2012-13 production.  This very interactive show uses recent headlines from
newspapers, magazines and news broadcasts to present real life situations involving real life characters. Members of the audience draw a series of headlines from a basket and then tell the cast members -- men and women -- where the story they are about to perform should take place and who the characters in the story should be.  The comedy situations that arise out of this audience/cast relationship are hilarious, entertaining and exemplify the joy of spontaneous laughter.
Dr. kole also facilitates TRADITIONS, a 3 or 4 session approach to recalling special event traditions.  Participants recreate the details and those are then "acted out" by AgeQuake Theatre cast members.  Each session lasts 45 minutes to an hour.  The fee is VERYreasonable.

TIMESLIPS,another program, provides opportunities for those with dementia or Alzheimer's to become "storytellers" by using their creative imaginations to create a story about what they see in a picture.  The 30 - 45 minute program incorporates whatever participants say, and AgeQuake Theatre cast members act the story out.  Participants are also provided with basic props that relate to the story's characters.  The fee is VERY reasonable.  
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